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Developing your business so that it is more profitable, more valuable and leaves you with an easier life, is possible.  Top organisations and outstanding business leaders are on to something, which is why they tend to be successful again and again.  They have a strategy for doing strategy which delivers both financial results and an increasingly capable team. 

I provide a business growth service for SMEs that combines blue chip ideas with a pragmatic, people focused approach to creating realistic plans specific to your unique business, and tools for driving actions to completion and success.

I have been helping businesses both big and small for a number of years and, if you are a motivated ambitious leader of a business, I may be able to help you too.

Planning for growth

Inspiring achievement

One of the requirements for successfully leading a business to high growth is inspiring your teams with an exciting vision of the future.  This vision needs to generate a sense of purpose, triggering a response in your staff that will increase drive and commitment.  In fact, it is widely recognised that one of the features of today's workforce is a growing need for this sense of purpose and achievement in the workplace.  This is potentially a huge win-win for the visionary business leader.

Visionary leadership is not a tall order.  Most business leaders, especially founders, have a solid gold sense of mission that can be uncovered and forged into a motivating set of ideas relatively easily.  This is an important element of any business improvement initiative and a first port of call for the business growth service I provide.  By communicating these ideas to your business, you will begin to engender the culture of excellence that will be the foundation of ongoing success.

Vision creates purpose & inspires excellence

Planning the work & working the plan

My tried and tested business growth service is usually structured around a 5 step strategy programme. A straight forward set of sessions involving you and your leadership team for achieving growth;

  1. Aims - Which objectives are you trying to achieve and why?
  2. Analysis - What are the internal and external factors that impact your business success?
  3. Design - How can you get your business to achieve it's aims based on the reality discovered in the analysis step?  This is your strategy.
  4. Implementation - Who will deliver the initiatives identified in the design phase and how will you measure success?
  5. Evaluation - Are your goals being met?  What corrective actions are needed, are the activities still correct?

This process provides a basis for discovering and nurturing some of the untapped potential of your business.  It is also a step on a journey that can take your business to a place where it is capable of generating and delivering growth initiatives again and again.  Becoming good at this process, as a business, is a competency that all businesses must develop if they are to achieve long term success and continued growth.

Practice does naturally lead to competence, but strategy and growth are areas where many businesses find expert input extremely valuable in speeding up the organisational learning process.  The business growth service that I offer has been developed with this objective in mind.

If you would like to find out more about how my business growth service for SME's could benefit your business, get in touch right now via the form below.

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