Gain confidence in your ideas

You have an idea for a business or maybe you have already started one.  You obviously want to maximise your chancess of success, but the early stages of any start-up are when you know the least about what is in store for you and your fledgling enterprise. In addition your are now responsible for every aspect of the business, not just those bits you know and can do well.  How can you make sure your plan covers all the bases and will deliver the results you want?

An experienced advisor or mentor can listen to and challenge your ideas so they become robust and watertight.  Sometimes, just one good, in-depth conversation is all it takes to discover the strengths and weaknesses of your plan and come up with small improvements that can make a big difference.

The result is you gaining the confidence you need to progress further along your start-up adventure.

Challenging business ideas

Focus on the right things

People who consider starting businesses are usually good at spotting opportunities.  An unfortunate side effect of this is the potential for having your working life littered with competing good ideas that can dilute your enery and attention, and lead to frustration or burn out.  Finding the time to take the broader view of the possibilities and prioritising them is not always easy.  Maintaining focus in the face of day-to-day reality is possibly even more difficult.  However both are key ingredients in the success of any endevour.

Regular sessions with a business coach will help you structure your thinking and clarify your priorities as well as maintaining your focus on the decisive activities for your business going forward.

Keeping an eye on the right details

Launch with confidence

Launching a new product or service is tremendously exciting but it is rarely the end of the story.  In fact arriving at a really successful offering is often an iterative process that requires significant, sometimes constant tinkering. 

Preparing for and succeeding at this means considering when to maintain continuity and when to make changes as well as making sure you are gathering the necessary information to decide what to change and how.  This is when being able to consult with a seasoned expert aquainted with both success and failure can be of enormous value.

It is well established that at every stage of a business from start up to exit, help and advice can make all the difference.

Open for business ... and change

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