Hearthworks Tipis and Yurts

As the supplier of tipis and yurts to Glastonbury Festival and other major UK events, Hearthworks had grown about as far as it could without more formal structure, planning or financial control.  In addition the business owner was finding it increasingly stressful to manage and needed help getting things organised.  An initial engagement with the leadership team followed by a strategy development program has turned the organisation into a better informed, better managed team capable of capitalizing on the clear growth opportunities.

After many years of fantastic events I was beginning to feel like I was running out of steam.  The business was too chaotic and needed to grow up.  Working with Michael has given us a clear picture of where we want to take the business and helped us start to deliver what we need to get there.  His insights into a wide range of business areas has also been invaluable.
Tara Weightman - Managing Director, Hearthworks Limited

Hearthworks Tipis and Yurts

ECPCo Ltd, BRLPCo Ltd, & Frome Brewing Company Ltd

An evolving constellation of community pubs, brewing ventures and event services needs a bold and energetic leadership.  From time to time however calling in outside expertise can provide the additional insight and awareness to help move projects on and assuage risks.

Over the years I have been proud to have been involved in several different business ventures in varied fields. Throughout this time I have been fortuitous to be able to count on the advice of Michael Hanby  His concise and relevant insight and ideas have never failed me and i wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services.
Keith Hewett, CEO, ECPCo Ltd and BRLPCo Ltd and Frome Brewing Company ltd

Kieth Hewett - CEO, ECPCo Ltd and BRLPCo Ltd and Frome Brewing Company ltd

Indigo Herbs Ltd

Indigo Herbs is a manufacturer and online retailer of a wide range of natural health products.  Indigo Herbs has grown rapidly into a leading brand in it's markets and it's expansion continues to provide new challenges for the organisation across all aspects of the business.

I have been working with Michael on Indigo Herbs since I was a sole trader.  His drive and commitment to growing the business and his insight and knowledge around how we can develop the organisation have been one of the keys to our success.
Steve Mckewon - Managing Director, Indigo Herbs Ltd

Steve Mckewon - MD, Indigo Herbs Ltd

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